Decentralised Stake Pool fractional ownership


Lately, I’ve been formulating a collective approach to establish a Proof of Stake node service, as an alternative to private ownership. Nodes are a foundational service, not only for the layer one but also testnet, dapp & light wallet connectors, layer twos, side-chains, state channels, batching, oracles, chain state archives & decentralised web interface & CDN hosting.

When nodes are also interest based communities, they are fertile on-ramps for building budding projects. The Cardano space has pioneered (as far as I know) the Initial Stake Pool Offering. ISPO uses the variable stake pool fee to gather funds to a project and allocate claims for new project tokens, in place of the usual stake pool rewards delegates would otherwise receive. Single node mission driven stake pools help decentralise the network while giving node service providers an opportunity to attract a community.

An analogy of a gas station may be useful. A small struggling gas station with one gas pump has no convenience store. A loyal customer approaches the owner & suggests gathering the most loyal customers to co-invest in a multi pump gas station and well stocked convenience store. They succeed and offer casual customers a loyalty rewards program & membership, which also contributes to the common enterprise. They then co-fund other complementary cooperative enterprises in the surrounding properties.

Decentralised Stake Pool fractional ownership

💡SP DAO fractional income sharing.

🚀Start up process & value sustainability procedures.

DAO Contributors provide sufficient ADA for consistent block production.

DAO Depositors receive limited supply fungible fractional DAO tokens.

Independent stake delegations after demonstrated block consistency.

Delegates gradually claim DAO tokens from a reward pool.

Setup DAO token liquidity pool for buybacks.