Proof of Stake Savings + Reward Lottery

Liquid Stake Savings - deposit & withdraw stake anytime

No Loss of deposited stake, lottery of stake rewards

Based on Prize Linked Savings (USA) & Premium Bond (UK).

Author: Jason Lee Lasky @hubway_fractal

Version: 0.51 (last updated 2022-12-08, added NFT ratio recycler)

Cardano protocol staking is ^nearly perfect for a “Save & Win”, no loss lottery. Delegation to a Cardano stake pool remains self custodial, no counterparty mishap, slashing or lock up.

“Stake to Win” is aimed to foster savings in comparison to spending on lottery tickets, in which ticket costs are generally lost. Stake to win does not provide better outcomes, for the average participant, than regular POS protocol staking ~3% to 4% yearly rewards. In Stake to Win just a few lucky winners collect rewards at various intervals, while most stakers will optionally forfeit half or nearly all of their POS rewards. Staked amounts will be saved (no-loss or slashing) & can be added to or withdrawn at anytime (not locked).

Stake to Win

Delegate ADA to a pool participating in PP-DAO No Loss Lottery.

Initially one or two pools will test proof of concept & market fit.

Stake pools margin fee - two options:

Allocation of collected fees (from stake rewards)

Every 5 day epoch

4% PP lottery, DAO & treasury (vote on budgets)

4% SPO decentralisation: stake seed & tools (stakingDAO?)